Double Your GIS Interviews NOW

Permissionless GIS

In Permissionless GIS, you’ll learn the mindsets and actions setps to get you hired faster in GIS. You will not only be

The key here is the mindset shift that this book will install.

Once you have this new mindset, you will see just how far you GIS career can go!

Being Unemployed in GIS sucks…

I love GIS, but I was unemployed in GIS for months. I was so depressed, I am almost quit GIS.

After months of apply for all the GIS jobs I could find, I realized something wasn’t working.

That is why I developed Permissionessless GIS, a job applicaiton system to get me and now YOU hired faster.

Double your GIS Job Interviews NOW

The system I developed was so effective, I went from one job interview a month, to 2 per week!

I had three job offers in 4 weeks, and took an amazing job with amazing pay… all because of how I changed my GIS job application method.

“Great tips and tricks for finding a GIS job.”

— Amin Said, Student

What you get!

You get GIS mindset to get your hired and keep you hired!

You get action steps to make your applicaiton stand out.

You get tools and tips to make your GIS career amazing!

Get the GIS job you want

Permissionless GIS is not going to be easy, but it works.

Following the action steps will take time, but you will see results, becoming happier, and land more interviews faster.

“Permissionless GIS clearly and effectively outlines Dr. Chris’ approach to standing out and getting hired quickly in the GIS field. I found the book insightful and fun to read. This book is a must for anyone looking for employment in GIS now or in the future”

— Peter Grand, GISP

GIS Mindsets

Powerfull mindsets for your job search.

Actions Steps

Easy to follow steps to get you hired FAST.

Get hired FAST

Weeks, instead of months.

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