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Geographic Information System skills are GREAT! But they are not enough in a world where GIS technology is everywhere. Check out my blog for valuable GIS mindsets to get more impact and money from your career!

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Can online courses make you more hirable? Probably… but will you remember what you learned? Probably not… try these.

Online courses are great… but do they work? Continual learning is essential to advance your career in every field. There are so many free learning opportunities and resources online it is a wonder we are not experts in everything by now. Online courses are also great to fill in the gaps while you are betweenContinue reading “Can online courses make you more hirable? Probably… but will you remember what you learned? Probably not… try these.”

Geographic Information Systems is Amazing!

We live in an interconnected world that is becoming more and more complex. With GIS technologies and powerful mindsets, you can discover exciting possibilities that have an impact on the world.

Your Future is GIS.

GIS possibilities are seemingly endless, from imagery analysis for farming, to banking analytics, to disaster relief, to donation tracking, to traffic mitigation, the future is bright for GIS.

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I’m Dr. Chris

In 2015 I started my YouTube channel after being laid off during a resource down turn. My geoscience instructional become popular with the geoscience community and my influence grew.

In 2016 I took GIS and successfully connected geophysics, field operations, imagery analysis, and web GIS to build a career I love.

Now I help GIS and Geoscience with success mindsets to land careers they love.

Career Acceleration

Skills are common and needed, but mindsets and habits will drive you forward.

Industry Impact

How to quickly start making decisions that will double your effectiveness in your industry.

Success Mindsets

Develop habits, tools, and mindsets that will accelerate your success in geographic information systems.

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